Monday, 5 October 2015

Karpaz Gate Marina and the Chocolate Soufflé Secret in Northern Cyprus

Like a good dessert ? Read on 😜

If you've been to Cyprus or Northern Cyprus in particular, you may or may not know that a new marina was built a few years back and it's pretty awesome.

Its called Karpaz Gate marina and with it comes a cool restaurant called Hemingway's restaurant and bar. It's a lovely place to visit day or night, and even more so if you have a sweet tooth like me :)
It is different from what's on offer in the surrounding area, locals consider it to be 'posh nosh' and it is reasonably priced for us tourists. There's a beach club which has a gorgeous infinity pool too. 

When I visit Cyprus, I do usually end up here in the evenings, to have a chilled one with some friends - dinner with the other half or even celebrating an occasion with family . I'm not going to lie, the only thing that keeps me coming back here is the Chocolate Soufflé ! There is nothing like it, perfectly made , a rich and mouth watering runny chocolate centre served with vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis and fresh fruit on the side.

The Karpaz Gate Marina is located just outside the village of 'Yeni Erenkoy' which translates to 'New Eren Village'. You will not be disappointed  - :) if you want more info drop me a comment :) 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Orange Vintage Purse

Check it out my brand new old vintage purse. Don't under estimate the goodies you might find in a second hand shop. Cheap as chips and all that jazz AND you can find a few beauts lurking amongst the beasts.

A shockingly bright yet quality orange, a lovely detailed clasp and enough space for all my shrapnel. Delicate.Lovely.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Got a little spare button

So I remember when everyone got into customizing clothes a few years back and others have always done so and me ...I have my 'bothered moments' every few days.
Now, I so desperately have been wanting to wear my old white cardigan but hate how boring it looks.
So I took out the old sewing box and found a few odd silver buttons and hey presto revamped the living crap out of it in 10 to 11 minutes! Check it, enjoy and be inspired. A simple little button can change your world .... Or wardrobe (giggles)



Sunday, 22 April 2012

Jeepers Creepers are they here to stay....again?


So check it, the Creepers or brothel creepers are back and are on practically every type of foot right now, well the ones who know about creepers anyway.
This blog was probably prompted by my cousin Chanel who was rockin a leopard print pair of creepers that were pretty dam dope! And also an old picture of my uncle and his friends back in the day!.
Now for those of you are are clueless about what creepers are they are a type of shoe. They kinda remind me of the crazy 'walabies' we used to wear in school as pictured below. Hmmm.

<----------------- see those, the white ones with the black soles, they are creepers as modelled by my handsome uncle Ken back in the 50's.
He was probably what everyone back then referred to as a teddy boy, huge quiffs, draped jackets, drainpipe or skinny jeans, one of the most popular and regular customers of creepers in the rocker era. He had style THATS for sure.

I'm currently shopping for a pair at the minute, its difficult because there is soooo many different colours and styles to choose from, and I must warn you, not everyone can pull these babies off but...... I'm confident what with my family history paving the way for us kids, ill be fine. Any budget can buy a pair, Ive seen some for £25 and Ive also seen some for £145 as pictured below from Urban Outfitters.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Paperself Eyelashes

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

So you've probably seen these beauties fluttering around....they are defo the next big accessory for maximizing your beautiful eyes and feeling like a fairy!

I found these guys at the 'Vodafone London Fashion Weekend' and was amazed at the artistry gone into these lashes.  They are a spotlight stealer and you'd be asked lots of questions and 'wowed' at most of the time whilst wearing them. They are quirky, fun and would jazz up any look for a jazzy night out and the boys wont be looking elsewhere if ya know what i mean!

'Paperself is a platform for the innovative exploration of paper for contemporary product design.
Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, paper has enabled the world to communicate. It has bought continents closer together, educated millions and for centuries has provided a canvas for creation, experimentation and the realisation of ideas. Paper is everywhere and now it is evolving into a new dimension.

Launched in 2009 by London based designer Chunwei Liao, Paperself unites artists, designers and manufacturers from East to West. Challenging conventions of product design, Paperself offers a stylish alternative in furniture, homeware and accessories for eco-conscious living.

Paperself is fast gaining recognition for its inventive adaptations, having exhibited at numerous trade fairs and design forums across the globe, as well as being featured in some of the top international publications and online media. Continuing to expand and evolve, Paperself looks to the future, seeking out new talent, transcending traditions and promoting the perception of paper through new eyes.' 

Check out their website , there is a list of stockists on the website too


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Monki Love

Looking out my window and I know its time to prepare for the Autumn!
Ive been browsing online for possible 'cold day' goodies and HOLY MOLY MONKI look what I found, an amazing Monki coat, just what I've been after! A cape style black beauty that would go with almost anything.
BUT, when it comes to buying my outerwear I prefer steering away from digital shopping as it can sometimes be slightly deceiving. It comes in the post and oops 'TO BIG' or ooopps it doesn't fit right. Ive been browsing the Monki range in the online store and have already found a few bits that tickles my fashion buds, but for those of you who know me best, I cant wear a whole outfit with pieces  from the same place....I don't know why I just like to mix it up a little
But for those of you who are unsure about Monki click HERE to visit their site. Monki are fast becoming globe trotters (they are not a UK brand) Swedish to be exact, therefore only one store is based in London and it hasnt been here long
- being an obvious choice for brands its based in Selfridges on Oxford Street. The prices are not high end though guys, they are quite reasonable in fact, id say a little on the Bershka/Zara with a hint of Topshop prices if i had to compare.....
Well I'm off to go try on some goodies

Sunday, 21 August 2011

London Fashion Weekend- Im booked!

So London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House is coming up, so I haven't wasted any time in booking my tickets! So naturally I made a few phone calls beforehand to invite my besties to come along and join me for the Platinum Lounge experience for only £115!! front row seats her we come! The platinum experience includes:
  • Exclusive entry into the ultra-chic Chambord Platinum Club Lounge
  • Front row catwalk seats in the official London Fashion Week catwalk venue
  • Chambord Royale cocktail on arrival, canapĂ© reception and complimentary drinks
  • Trend talks from our catwalk presenter
  • Beauty and hair care advice and demonstrations from Elizabeth Arden and TONI&GUY
  • VIP Edition Show Bag designed by David Koma

Theres still some tickets available so get booking and we will see you there !

Click here to buy your ticket!

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