Monday, 25 July 2011

Minnie Londoner: I'm Mustard!

So living in London can be brilliant but we all know the weather can be a little….whats the word …dodgy!
So I bumped into a few friends down Brick Lane on Sunday and ended up driving to Notting Hill and having a roof BBQ party in honor of the brilliant Amy Winehouse who sadly passed away on Saturday :(
Not really being a summery look because of all the tragedy this weekend, I managed to put this outfit together without really thinking about it, it seemed to have reflected the country’s mood pretty well…
- we will miss London’s very own home grown talent – RIP Amy x

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

20 Chic points! Come Join Minnie Londoner on Chictopia!

So I haven't posted any blogs recently because I feel that blogger is becoming like my space ....a little dry lets be honest.
So i found a website that has been around for quite sometime and i actually think it can be a lot more interesting then blogger....I don't know why , i suppose its the more interaction with people and fashion that I enjoy so I have been a little pre-occupied with that right now.....:) the more chic points you build up you can redeem prizes, there's the incentive! lol come join me though

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