Monday, 20 June 2011

Minnie Londoner all set for being a wifey?

So its been a popular year once more for weddings and as some may yawn at the thought of wedlock most people cant wait to read about it in the glossy magazines, flick through their friends picture album on facebook or even dance the night away in you £20 slingbacks!

So Lily Allen has just got married to her - now husband - Sam Cooper and how lovely she looked in her 1920's style head-dress a bit like a mob cap, or cloche veil, dress by Delphine Manivet ...if only I had those funds, but I loved my dress and my wedding turned out to be a perfect day!

So weddings are a special moment in a persons life, don't yawn at the thought of it, instead be a tad more open minded because you never know where you'll end up...... mine ended up with a lovely dress and amazing team of hair and beauty experts fussing over me cool ....(day dreaming) and of corseee the loved ones!

I had an amazzzzinnnng hair stylist called Luca Rossetti check out his facebook page....

He made my hair look and feel amazing, it stayed in place all day, a true expert and perfectionist with exceptional taste in music and tattoos!

For my make-up I had an absolutely stunning lady called Victoria help me out with making my face look flawless! Shes a MAC lady so naturally she was equipped with some of the finest products every MAC girl knows about!  She of course knows all the secrets so I did question her A LOT! Amazingly the hair and make-up stayed in place allll night and the only thing that needed a little touch was my lipstick. So remember if your tying the knot or celebrating a very special occasion where you want to look and feel a million pounds, find the people you are most comfortable working with and I don't mean the people you find easy to boss around....
After such a great wedding day I think I'm ready for what life as a Mrs may or Wifey may have in store....I'll let you know....only by its going  :)

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Until the next blog PEEPS, Minnie Londoner OUT!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Not a blog but a FLOG - 'today im not doing anything'

So this is not a blog but a FLOG for this one - Fashion Blog -ahem royalties please! lol

So seeing as my plans to go to Brighton with the crew fell through due to the shitty weather which i think I bloody jinxed! I stayed at home, I watched DVD's I had a lovely lunch of chicken, sweet potato and asparagus cooked for me and i relaxed and enjoyed the day.

I was kinda dressed like i was about to hit a festival in a fab new playsuit brought in Bricklane a few months back. Pretty isn't it. I just thought id share my 'look of the day' as it was begging to be worn! I LOVE its feminine floral design - very dainty-  and playful cut. I love love love it!

Ive teamed it with a bright cerulean and gold belt brought in Brick Lane also and kept it simple.
(thats lily in the picture up top btw ....awww)

                                                    SIA - HEALING IS DIFFICULT

                     Until the next blog peeps! 
Minnie Londoner

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Eat, Love, Sun and Shops

Weekends are definitely those days where doing nothing is sometimes a good option as you never know where the day may take you. 
Doing nothing at home however is the last thing anyone wants to end up doing, constantly circling round the house, looking in the fridge even if your not hungry and checking your facebook updates for some mindless albeit brief entertainment, I call it bull-click. 
Me, I'm embracing a new way of doing nothing, especially as the weather has been so nice (don't worry  I wont bore you with the dreaded topic of weather), but for those of you who are NOT in London this weekend, the sun HAS finally been out.
The BBQ smells blasting through my car window as I'm passing by the Turkish neighbours house is mouth watering AND i have finally reached into the wardrobe to pull out a summer number and flaunt my sexy Mexican tan!
Erm BTW Mexican tan isnt a new product, i actually went there so please no Googling :)

My day of doing nothing turned out to be quiet a busy day(hooray). A f**king awesome feast at the Meze Meze restaurant on North Finchley High Road was a much needed brunch and a trip to the North London Hospice to buy a heap of books turned out to be a very productive trip indeed, 10 books was it! I lost count.

We then headed to good old Trent Park. When I say we, I mean me and my husband 'Nikolai'. 'HUSBAND' I hear you scream, yes amigos my husband, I have been married now for approximately 1 month and 4 days. Being a newly wed has brought a new set of butterfly's to my a good way of corse!

Sundress' are what you need right now and for ALL summers to come! They have been around for years already but I feel I need to stress how freakin' awesome they are! Lots of different styles, patterns, textures and  cuts - which make me have goosebumps just thinking about the next shopping trip! (i know loser)
I'm absolutely  loving a classic white sundress, it matches well with most items we all have looks effortless and above all is comfy.
Theres a great selection on the high street with any budget you may have, or if your a vintage lover there are a number of vintage shops that will have a stunning piece to suit you.

MAKE SURE you try on a few different cuts and styles as not all sundresses can be flattering, we all have beautiful different bodies so we must make sure we dress for our shape and skin tone. Like for example, sometimes I feel like I've put on 4 stone because the cut is alllll wrong and the colour makes me look ill - so be careful.

Newlook actually have quite a nice selection! I've added a few of my faves below and I may just head down there to make some pretty new purchases - happy shopping!

New look Metallic SUNDRESS £39.99

 New Look - Frilly Drop Back Sundress £19.99

                    Bettina Shoulder Bag - Absolute Vintage £28.00

Gold Trimmed Christian Lacroix Sunglasses £140!

                         Small 70's Handbag £20

As I am really into the Jackie Collins books right now due to the hilarious sitcom appeal, I have to say her books are a must read, they are quick and easy to flick through and for people like me who barely has time to water my plants let alone read books, Jackie Collins will make your pool side or bus ride journey a hoot! She will make you make time!  visit her website for more info!

Until the next blog 

Minnie Londoner 


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