Monday, 5 October 2015

Karpaz Gate Marina and the Chocolate Soufflé Secret in Northern Cyprus

Like a good dessert ? Read on 😜

If you've been to Cyprus or Northern Cyprus in particular, you may or may not know that a new marina was built a few years back and it's pretty awesome.

Its called Karpaz Gate marina and with it comes a cool restaurant called Hemingway's restaurant and bar. It's a lovely place to visit day or night, and even more so if you have a sweet tooth like me :)
It is different from what's on offer in the surrounding area, locals consider it to be 'posh nosh' and it is reasonably priced for us tourists. There's a beach club which has a gorgeous infinity pool too. 

When I visit Cyprus, I do usually end up here in the evenings, to have a chilled one with some friends - dinner with the other half or even celebrating an occasion with family . I'm not going to lie, the only thing that keeps me coming back here is the Chocolate Soufflé ! There is nothing like it, perfectly made , a rich and mouth watering runny chocolate centre served with vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis and fresh fruit on the side.

The Karpaz Gate Marina is located just outside the village of 'Yeni Erenkoy' which translates to 'New Eren Village'. You will not be disappointed  - :) if you want more info drop me a comment :) 

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