Sunday, 5 June 2011

Not a blog but a FLOG - 'today im not doing anything'

So this is not a blog but a FLOG for this one - Fashion Blog -ahem royalties please! lol

So seeing as my plans to go to Brighton with the crew fell through due to the shitty weather which i think I bloody jinxed! I stayed at home, I watched DVD's I had a lovely lunch of chicken, sweet potato and asparagus cooked for me and i relaxed and enjoyed the day.

I was kinda dressed like i was about to hit a festival in a fab new playsuit brought in Bricklane a few months back. Pretty isn't it. I just thought id share my 'look of the day' as it was begging to be worn! I LOVE its feminine floral design - very dainty-  and playful cut. I love love love it!

Ive teamed it with a bright cerulean and gold belt brought in Brick Lane also and kept it simple.
(thats lily in the picture up top btw ....awww)

                                                    SIA - HEALING IS DIFFICULT

                     Until the next blog peeps! 
Minnie Londoner

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