Sunday, 7 August 2011

Visiting Granny

Last night was one of London’s saddest nights, a peaceful protest turned sour. I woke up this morning watching the news again and ended up spending most of my morning at home with my husband having breakfast and listening to the news.
My granny had called me the night before and asked us to come round and have a good old fashioned Turkish BBQ with the family, so of course we couldn't say no.
I once again went to the wardrobe took one look outside at the lovely grey clouds with a glimmer of hope for some sunshine.
I bought this cardigan from Marks and Spencers in the sale and I love it. Its puffy sleeves and comfy fitting seemed a perfect look for visiting granny,
I teamed it with a tailored pair of black shorts and my amazing Victorian lace up boots.
To top of the look I wore my lovely 20’s/30’s style headband which I brought in Primark about 4 months ago for my Mexico trip!
I would say this look was a combination of decades and of course approved by Granny herself.


  1. Yeah it was so sad what happened in London. I went to a british school and i have big dreams of going there so i feel it as my spiritual home lol.
    Loved your outfit! Specially the hairband :).

  2. THANKS Yona, it is very sad i drove passed the old carpet shop the other day...completely gone :( thanks for commenting - I have a new post check it out, loving hairbands at the mo! x


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